Life is a lot like a day with the horses

I recently saw highlights on ESPN of the Preakness horse race.  It was a great race with many different story angles giving it a cinematic sense of drama all the way up to the shocking victory by an underdog.

Taking a step back from the sport itself I began to think – A horse race is a lot like life.

So how could this be true?  Here are a couple of ways I see it….

  • To get ahead and be prepared takes a lot of work and practice, nothing comes easy.
  • When a big day comes you want to look your best:  Nicely groomed hair, clean nails and eye-catching accessories.
  • Even the most trained, the strongest, those with exceptional breeding and backgrounds sometimes get beat by someone not as talented or trained.
  • If you want to win big you have to take a chance.
  • When you think you’ve got it bad there is always someone else close by who is in a bigger hole than you are.
  • Victory is only momentary.  Winning today means the pressure to repeat is on for tomorrow.
  • Sometimes you step in sh#%t and well….that just happens.

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