Silver bullets do more than kill werewolves (they kill sales)

Even though I primarily classify myself as a “marketing professional” I have also had my share of sales experience as well.  My time spent in sales was enjoyable but ultimately not the best fit for me.  Don’t get me wrong; even though sales may not have worked for me it has helped me greatly in my marketing career.  It helped me to understand not only the end consumer but also how products are brought into the marketplace: store owners, business owners…etc.

Currently working in product marketing I often hear comments from sales asking for one more new item, one more item that will help them make their numbers and as I hear these comments I understand where they are coming from but looking at these requests from an overall market strategy standpoint I cannot accommodate such requests.

When I get these requests from sales they are always looking for that one item or product that will be their savior, it will be their silver bullet.  To me silver bullets only live in Lone Ranger or werewolf tales, there are no silver bullets – especially in sales.

I always envisioned sales as an oil pipeline.  As long as I always had oil flowing in that pipeline times were good but when that pipeline began to run dry it was time to pound the pavement, and like oil, sales sources are a limited resource.  As soon as you find a new source of sales you better be looking for what’s next for when that one dries up.

So I say keep watching those scary werewolf flicks just don’t take their tales of silver bullet solutions from the silver screen to reality.


2 responses to “Silver bullets do more than kill werewolves (they kill sales)

  1. Great analogy to a common marketing conundrum! It’s good that you have the perspective from both sides when dealing with sales and marketing departments.

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