What’s Your ROI?

ROI, return on investment.  It’s a common business term to explain what one gets in return for their investment whether it’s time, money or resources.  Ultimately the desired return is something greater than the investment: profits, incremental sales, increased market share….etc.

Now look at yourself, your life, your job.  Let’s say that you invest 8 hours at a desk or office, another few hours driving to your job and home.  That’s a significant investment of time and resources (car, mind, body) but now the important question: what’s the return?  What did you get?  Riches, stature, respect?

Or when you look in the mirror do you see some extra pounds in the mid section, high blood pressure, road rage?

Wherever, you may be in your life or career, just think if you had to cash out today would you be happy with your return?


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