I once read that the reason the Roman Empire was such a thriving and diverse culture was because with every foreign land they conquered they took from that land some aspect they liked and made it their own, creating a rich and thriving culture envied by all.

I’m by no means a historian but this commentary on the Roman Empire is something that has always stuck with me.   In today’s society there is infinite supply of messages being directed to our brains that it is impossible to take it all in completely.  But if you can just take the best parts make them your own then you too can create your own thriving diverse culture.

My name is Thomas and this blog is a collection of my takeaways: the media, thoughts and messages that I plucked from society and made them my own.  These may be my takeaways but read, comment and perhaps they can become yours as well. 


One response to “About

  1. Tom –
    I like your variety of subjects covered in your blog.
    You give us some very simple thoughts to dwell on throughout the week.
    Thank you, Ginny Poplau

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