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Have you run a marathon? And I’m not talking running

I work out quite regularly and there have been some occasions when people have asked me, “are you training for marathon?” Or “have you run a marathon?”  I have actually never “run” a marathon and probably never will (running that far ain’t my bag) but that does not mean I will never accomplish a “marathon”.

Looking up the definition of a marathon one would find the following: “An event or activity that requires prolonged effort or endurance.”  A marathon takes discipline, will, desire and endurance to complete.  So what is your marathon?

Sometimes my “marathon” is taking on the task of changing a historical corporate process or culture that has become outdated.  It takes many meetings, emails, discussions, but I keep focused and envision crossing the finish line in my head – change; a new direction and I can finally breathe a sigh relief.

Lace up your shoes, get warmed up and make your move.