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When the bar lights come on it’s not always pretty

I’m sure we have all experienced it at least once.  You’re at the bar, it’s late approaching closing time and you survey your surroundings looking for that someone to go home with.  You see a Woman (or Man depending on who’s reading this) at the end of the bar who is looking quite attractive and you think perhaps this is when you make your move, but just as begin to make your move closing time is called and the house lights come on.  Suddenly the dimly lit bar is flooded with pure unforgiving fluorescent light shedding a fresh bright radiance on everything.  As you look around everything looks different.  The dark smooth bar surface now appears old and unsanitary as you notice all the cracks and stains, the Woman you had your eye on at the end of the bar has gone from attractive looking to “what was I thinking” as you now notice her wrinkly skin abused by too much time in tanning booths complimented with dark bags under her eyes and a grin filled with nicotine stained teeth.

Our economy has called closing time and flipped the house lights on.  People now have that unbiased light shed on their finances, their spending habits and all the nasty habits that were once hidden are now out in the open.  But this is not a bad thing.  This can help save us all from decisions we may regret in the morning.  Sure maxing your credit, not following a budget, getting a mortgage you can’t afford may look sexy while the party is going, the lights are low and the beats are thumping but now in today’s economy the DJ has stopped spinning and house lights have been turned on.  Time to take stock of your surroundings and make it home safe and sound.