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Do you Chi Sao in your Life?

Bruce Lee Practicing Chi Sao

Chi Sao is practice that originates Chinese martial arts and Kung Fu.

Chi Sao is the feeling of energy, more importantly your adversary energy.  The literal English translation of Chi Sao from its Chinese origin is “energy hand.”  Some also refer to Chi Sao as “giving hand.”

The main point of the Chi Sao is to feel your opponent’s energy so you can anticipate where they’re going, their intent and how to react.  Of course to feel an opponent’s energy you must close to the opponent.  This is probably the most difficult and counter intuitive concept to grasp in martial arts: when an opponent attacks go towards the attacker, feel their energy and react – scary.  It’s scary to jump towards someone who is trying to attack you or you do not know or you do not know what they want but you must react to protect yourself, to feel their energy, interpret the energy, guide it away from you and take charge of the situation, defend yourself.

You do not have to be Bruce Lee or an experienced martial artist to practice Chi Sao in your life.  The concept of Chi Sao goes beyond martial arts if you understand it’s core purpose in internalize it.  When faced with a challenge in life that is scary, that may make you turn away, that may shock you, freeze you in your tracks – fight those instincts, disregard those feelings.  Simply react to the adversity.  Jump towards scary the situation.  Feel the energy of the situation, learn the intentions of the situation and redirect that energy so that it may do not affect you or directly impact you a way that would cause you damage.

To sum this concept up in a more simplistic, quick way I would quote Woody Harrelson in one my favorite movies Zombieland when his character “Tallahassee” says, “Time to nut up or shut up!”

It's Tallahassee Time!