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Do you really hate waiting in line?

Recently I was thinking of going to a local hip hop show and asked a friend of mine if he wanted to go as well.  My friend declined because he did not want to wait in line to get in and he really “hated” lines.

Normally I would not give this another thought but my friend’s statement stuck with me.  This guy who supposedly “hates” lines is the same person who once stood in line over three hours to buy a personal size pizza for $0.75 from his favorite pizzeria.  But then it became obvious, it’s not that my friend “hated” lines but this hip hop show was not “line worthy” in his mind and the personal size pizza from his favorite place was.

So with that what is your “line“?  What would you deem “line worthy“?  Whatever that thing may be get your place in line now because once you get through you know it will be well worth the wait.