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“You can’t see me!”…May work for John Cena but…

WWE wrestling superstar John Cena is an electrifying athlete.  He can power slam and jump off the ring ropes like a super charged Incredible Hulk.  With that in mind it’s interesting to note that the catch phrase he is most known for (and is sold on t-shirts with his face on them) is, “You can’t see me.”  John uses this catch phrase as a way to taunt his opponents and rile the crowd.

“You can’t see me.”  Saying that works for superstar John Cena but guess what?  You’re not John Cena.

To have an impact at anything you do: career, college classes, sports be seen.  To make an impact or impression you have to be noticed.  To be noticed you have to work, get your hands dirty and get what’s yours.

My catch phrase would be the antithesis to John’s.  I would say, “You CAN see me!”  Make that catch phrase yours (unless you’re John Cena).