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Thank you (and I really mean it)

I recently stopped at a local GNC for some vitamins.  As I got in line to checkout and get on my way a person in front of me was finishing up.  As this person completed their transaction the cashier made sure to thank them for their business and as the person walked away the cashier gave a wave and stated, “thanks again and I really appreciate your business.”

For whatever reason this caught me as something unique.  So many times (especially) in retail employees are conditioned to say “thank you” or “hello” but they do so with the enthusiasm of a doped up drug addict.  Most of the time I rarely notice these pre-programmed pleasantries.  I know people are conditioned to say them and don’t mean it half the time.  When I go to my local bank to withdraw money and the employee with bloodshot eyes says, “how are you” in a monotone voice I know what they are really saying is “how soon can get through with you so I can get out of here?”

My experience at the GNC was different.  What I witnessed was something genuine.  The cashier really did mean thanks and thanked someone for their business.

I used to stop at that GNC because it was convenient but I return because they “really” appreciate my business and mean it.

Do you really mean what you say?  Does your company?  Do your customers notice?  In a modern world filled with technologies and processes to be human or genuine is almost out of the norm.  But when I find this or see it I remember it and I know those that show it really mean it.